Perfectly flatconcrete floors
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Perfectly flat
concrete floors

The company works on laser technology with the use of concrete pavers and concrete troweling equipment from the American company Somero Interprices.
25 years experience
our company
1000 + projects implemented
all around Russia
5000 m² we process
concrete floors per day
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Base land surveying
Using the laser level is performed the foundation survey
Surveying object is to find out all the surface roughnesses
Design calculation of the floor
We'll produce all the calculations according to
the compliance with the requirements of the operative rules
Separation base layer and moisture barrier deposing
Layer made of polyfilm not less than 80 microns in
thickness is placed on the basement
Separation layer material is placed with overlap 20 % of the cover
Separating layers along the walls, columns and dilatation joints
In places where concrete slap is contiguous to walls,
foundations, columns is setting polyethylene foam 10 mm
in thickness or other material (Isolon, Vilaterm) of the competent
thickness to compensate longitudinal elongation of the concrete floor slab
Floor slab reinforcement
There are 3 types to reinforce the floor slab:
with the steel bars
hybrid reinforcement
Form setting
Form is setting at edges of the preplanned sheets
It's made of metal section and fastened to the base with foundation bolt
Concrete acceptance
Concrete temperature by the acceptance
must be not less than + 5 degrees centigrades
Concrete that floats at the flow diagrams is smoothed and shaked
Dry hardfaced mixture application
Dry hardfaced mixture is applicated at the floor
after concrete casing and smoothing at a rate of 38 kg m2 of the floor
Treatment application. Concrete curing
To decrease expulsion of water out of
concrete surface are used membrane formers
Saw cutting
Saw cutting in the concrete slab is used
for taking off the shrinkage and excepting of the cracks formation
Filling jointsJoints are filled after concrete slab has been hardened (28 days)
Floor can be used in a day when concrete slab is finished (ganger load)
The slab will resist all the structural design loads after its full hardening
(28 days at a temperature of 1820 degrees Centigrade. Floor washing is
recommended to realize with the help of a specialized machines with
nylon brushes using shampoo
Concrete floors Полированный бетонный пол. Стройтехнология
Concrete floors Устройство промышленных бетонных полов

Industrial concrete floors is the leading activity of our company “Stroytechnologiya” CJSC.

Laying polished concrete floors we use hi­tech machinery as follows: laser concrete-placer SOMERO CopperHead XD 3.0, single­ and double – rotor finishing machines Alien engineering and high­duty stationery concrete pump. Our rate of work reaches 2000 m2 of the finished floor a day! Standard operating procedures in industrial concrete flooring with the hard face layer.

A new level and advanced technologies

Since 2007, the company has been using the laser technology, as well as concrete placers and concrete finishing machines from the American company Somero Enterprise. This allows us to lay and coat about 5000 square metres of concrete floors a day.

Successfully implemented project work

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