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Concrete works

Concrete works

Many years ago, concrete proved itself as a reliable and durable material. Concrete and reinforced concrete works are the fundamental component of any repair or construction. In such a case, the accuracy and quality of the actions performed is extremely important, so it's best to trust the experts. The company Stroytehnologiya will cope with this task, because concrete works in Chelyabinsk are one of the key areas of our activity. Order this service - and see for yourself!

Concrete works in Chelyabinsk: advantages

This type is used not only for the construction of buildings (administrative, residential, cottages and private houses), but also other structures. Concrete construction work allows you to build buildings of varying complexity and configuration in a short time. Buildings built in this way, in many respects benefit from those buildings that were built on other technologies.

For the production of concrete mixtures, innovative ingredients are used - this facilitates the implementation of activities throughout the year, without stopping because of unsuitable weather conditions. Accordingly, and the prices for pouring concrete in this case will be slightly higher.

Price list for concrete works in Chelyabinsk

On concrete works, the rates depend on a thorough calculation of the strength parameters of the structure, external factors and the raw materials used. Each of the stages is distinguished by its value, and to calculate the final result, all of them must be added.

The total cost consists of:

  • moving the material;
  • production of frameworks made of reinforcement;
  • erection of formwork;
  • laying and ramming concrete;
  • care for him;
  • formwork.

In general, pouring concrete for a cube of work can be quite impressive. Depending on what kind of construction it is necessary to erect, this type of action can make up half of the total construction cost.

The final price is influenced by several factors:

Type of action. The cost of concrete works per 1 m3 in Chelyabinsk depends on the type of concrete, the device of the object and the area of ​​the pouring.

Type of fill. Here it is worth considering the type of concrete pouring by hand, the price per cube will differ depending on it.

Time of exercise. In summer, the total cost will be much lower than in winter. This is due to the fact that in warm weather there is no need to preheat the ready-made mortar, and this reduces the costs of caring for concrete.

For concrete works, the price per m3 may be different, but it should not be forgotten that correctly designed and reliably constructed concrete structures will be characterized by increased resistance and durability. Contact our company, and get a high-quality implementation of all tasks.

Successfully implemented project work

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