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Engineering department

We provide a full range of services, including development of design and working documentation and all types of surveys for engineering and construction of projects of any level of difficulty. In order to complete the tasks, we use the most up-to-date methods and the systems of automatic engineering (SAPR), as well as IBM technologies.

The result of our work is not just providing a client with technical documentation, but commissioning a finished project.

Engineering team of our company realizes the full range of services in architectural and building engineering, design and construction documents for new building, rebuilding, major repairs etc.

All project steps are done according to customer preferences. Our competent and highly professional specialists are constantly qualifying and upgrading their skills.

We present following types of engineering services:

  • industrial constructions;
  • civilian objects;
  • engineering constructions: ventilation and conditioning electricity supply system, and also water and sanitation systems
  • geotechnical and infrastructure engineering;
  • load carrying structures, foundations and metal constructions;
  • project management, architectural supervision and monitoring at all times in building and harmonization of documents as well at the worksite.

One of our company profile is hydraulic engineering work. It's variety of basins, battering walls, constructions for manufacturing plants` waste remediation, sewage purification, pumping works. There are successful realized projects at the meat processing plants “Ariant” and “Romkor”.


Since 2012 “Stroytechnologiya” CJSC is a member of self­regulating organization “Regional project association”.

Successfully implemented project work

All the necessary info you can get on:                           

  • Tel.fax (351) 218-1995;
  • or +7-912-310-52-95 Lobanov Alexander 
  • or +7-912-310-52-96 Alex Evlashev

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