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In situ concrete works

In situ concrete works

In situ concrete works is a concrete construction, that includes setting of the foundation, walls, columns etc. which technology provides an opportunity to build facilities of any complexity and form.

Our company presents precast concrete and reinforced concrete structure works using technologies, equipment and materials of the European leading manufacturers in strict adherence to Construction Regulation Standards Building Code and customer's requirements

In situ concrete works are realized in stages:

  • geodetic works
  • bottoming
  • form work
  • waterproofing
  • setting up of the reinforcement
  • casing

We also presents following works:

  • foundation for the appurtenance, inc. girder and piled foundation
  • solid­cast base slabs
  • stanks, water areas and supporting walls
  • in situ walling, reinforced concrete structural framing of the civic and industrial buildings
  • producing and matching of the reinforced concrete columns
  • armoured concrete floor

Our company brought to life that in situ concrete works are more preferable than other technologies.

Using form works of the different configurations we can live out architectural design of any complexity!

Successfully implemented project work

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  • Tel.fax (351) 218-1995;
  • or +7-912-310-52-95 Lobanov Alexander 
  • or +7-912-310-52-96 Alex Evlashev

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